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Earn Money with This Weird but Legit Writing Jobs.

It used to be hard finding an honest writing jobs that you can work at home, with all those low-paying and fraud jobs that are easily available at the Craigslist. However, with forums, work at-home blogs and job listing sites on the upswing, they can reveal these scams which makes the online freelancing world become more writer-friendly.

Currently, blogging, copywriting, editing, proofreading, legal writing, and many other web content writing sub-categories are broadly available. If you want to have something different, be amazed at some of the weird and unusual writing jobs that are legit and also can be a profitable career.

A fortune cookie writer is one example of a weird writing job but is actually legit. If you are fond of astrology, zodiac sign, and giving happy vibes to people, then this job is suitable for you. For this particular writing job, the writer would only have to write one or may be two lines of fortune-telling sentences, that is why you must have a solid descriptive writing skills. Writers with an impressive sense of humor will really succeed in this field. Freelancers are either paid by the hour or by project, meanwhile, writers who are hired by fortune-teller manufacturers are paid depending on their experience and skills.

Writing product reviews is another example of a different writing job which you can earn money. Many companies are willing to pay big amount of money to promote their products or services in any possible way. This would include playing the system of ecommerce sites like Amazon with well-written, positively-biased product reviews. Other companies would also use other ways such as hiring a known blogger to review their products and services in exchange for money or gifts. Of course, writers can take full advantage for the company’s need, in which they can turn product review writing into a high-paying work.

The next writing job which you can earn from is a trending or viral writer. Nowadays, because of the rise of social media and the short attention spans of people, it paved the way to give writers this new type of work. Viral writers would generally make a shareable article with catchy title. When we talk about viral and trendy article, the best example would be Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed produce viral articles and now there are many buzzfeed copycats who also use the viral article writing. Make sure that you are great in list-type of writing and you are updated with everything that is going on in pop culture in order to succeed in this career.

So, if you have the opportunity to be offered a writing gig like the ones above, do not think that it is a joke and grab it.

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